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The Dungeonbowl Trophy

The Dungeonbowl Trophy is a part of a quadrumvirate of major Blood Bowl Trophies that recognise the four most important and eagerly anticipated Blood Bowl events of the year, referred to as the "Major Tournaments" or simply the "Majors". This trophy is awarded to the team that wins the Dungeonbowl tournament. As its name suggests, this variant of the highly popular Blood Bowl, is played in the claustrophobic confines of a large underground dungeon.


Dungeonbowl is one of the four major tournaments that quickly established itself as one the most important and eagerly anticipated Blood Bowl events of the year. Known as one of the Major Tournaments, these special events are held at roughly three-monthly intervals over the year. The Dungeonbowl is held during the dark winter months, when most teams appreciate playing in nice warm underground stadiums rather than out in the freezing cold. There are exceptions of course – most Norse Teams actually prefer sub-zero conditions, while the Ice Lord team of Frost Giants can't take part in the Dungeonbowl tournament at all because they would melt in the warm underground stadium!

Originally the two teams started at opposite ends of a small underground complex, the idea being to get to the opponent's starting position with the ball and score a touchdown, but eventually the game evolved so that it is played on a normal sized and shaped pitch – which just happens to be located in a dungeon! The Dungeonbowl League is sponsored by the ten Colleges of Magic, and each College also supports one of the teams taking part in the tournament. Even though the idea was originally put forward to settle the matter of which College was the most powerful, and was to be a one-off event, Dungeonbowl has now been going for over 40 years and shows no sign of ending in the foreseeable future. As well as receiving the magnificent Dungeonbowl Trophy, the winning team is awarded a cash prize of 150,000 gps, while the runners-up get a prize of 100,000 gps. In addition, the winning team receives the services of a Wizard from the College that supported them, who will serve with the team until the start of the next Dungeonbowl tournament in the following year. This extra Wizard will serve with the winning team eve if they already have a Wizard on their roster.

Below is a chart listing past winners of the Dungeonbowl Trophy:

Dungeonbowl Hall of Fame


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