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Chaos Cup

The Chaos Cup

The Chaos Cup is a part of a quadrumvirate of major Blood Bowl Trophies that recognise the four most important and eagerly anticipated Blood Bowl events of the year, referred to as the "Major Tournaments" or simply the "Majors". Appearance-wise, the Chaos Cup is not the most desirable of objects to win, but the status it carries, however, is second only in prestige to the coveted Bloodweiser Championship Winner's Cup or Blood Bowl.


Originally known as the Whiteskull Challenge Cup, it was played for by eight top teams from the AFC while the conference winners were away competing in the Blood Bowl. With the collapse of the NAF in 2488 the Chaos Cup became the first trophy to be given away in the new style "Open" tournaments. The Chaos Gods take a "special interest" in the fate of the team that holds the Chaos Cup and will immediately bestow upon the players with special Chaos gifts as a sign of their favour, such as various mutations, hypnotic gaze, regeneration or other such fell powers. The winner of the Chaos Cup tournament receives the Chaos Cup trophy and a share of the 350,000 gps prize money. Exactly how much money the winning team receives is decided randomly, and may result in the runners-up getting more prize money than the winners! The Chaos Gods also take a special interest in the fate of the team that holds the Chaos Cup, with the effect that the team seems to be exceptionally lucky while they hold the trophy.


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