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Bloodweiser Blood Bowl Championship Winner's Trophy

The Bloodweiser Bowl Bowl Championship Winner's Trophy, commonly known as the Blood Bowl, is the most sought after trophy in the brutal sport known as Blood Bowl. It is a part of a quadrumvirate of major Blood Bowl Trophies that recognise the four most important and eagerly anticipated Blood Bowl events of the year, referred to as the "Major Tournaments" or simply the "Majors".


The most sought after of the Blood Bowl Trophies is the Bloodweiser Blood Bowl Championship Winners' Trophy, commonly known as the Blood Bowl. Originally it was awarded to the winner of the final match between the NFC and AFC Conference champions, but now it is awarded to the winner of the Blood Bowl Open tournament. Before 2461, the Blood Bowl championship games were fairly friendly – but competitive – affairs, played purely to award the status of Best Team in the World to the winners. With the arrival of big business in the shape of the Bloodweiser Corporation, however, the competition made a major stride in popularity. The prize money and Bloodweiser sponsorship deal that goes to the winners is said to be worth over a million crowns over the course of the following year.

There is also the Blood Bowl trophy itself, otherwise known as the Buddy Grafstein trophy after the Bloodweiser chairman who first presented it. It’s made from solid Dwarf gold, and as such is extremely valuable. This value has caused the original trophy to be stolen many times, and in fact the current one is the fourth trophy to be made! The winners of the Blood Bowl get the trophy itself and 350,000 gold pieces (gps), plus a sponsorship deal from Bloodweiser which adds 20,000 gps to the prize money for each match that the team plays as long as it holds the trophy. The runners-up receive a consolation prize of 150,000 gps. For the players, however, the most important prize is the Blood Bowl player's medal awarded to each player (from both teams) that participates in the final. Receiving a Blood Bowl player's medal is a great confidence booster, so every single player that takes part in the Blood Bowl final counts as have been awarded a Most Valuable Player award and gains 5 Star Player points, in addition to the Most Valuable Player awards that are normally handed out for playing in the match.

Below is chart listing past winners of the Blood Bowl Championship Winner's Trophy:

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