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Major Blood Bowl Trophies, left-to-right: Blood Bowl, Chaos Cup, Spike! Magazine Trophy & Dungeonbowl Trophy

Within the savage game of Blood Bowl, four major tournaments were established by Cabalvision networks and major Blood Bowl sponsors. These tournaments award large prizes for the teams that manage to battle their way through to the final. Four tournaments quickly established themselves as the most important and eagerly anticipated Blood Bowl events of the year, and were soon referred to as the "Major Tournaments" or simply the "Majors". These tournaments were the Chaos Cup, the Dungeonbowl, the Spike! Magazine Trophy tournament, and, of course, the Blood Bowl itself. At the end of each season teams gather to decide who wins these Blood Bowl Trophies.

Each tournament is held at a different location. The Blood Bowl is held at the huge Emperor stadium at Altdorf, and the Spike! Magazine tournament in the seaside resort town of Magritta in Estalia. The Dungeonbowl is held in the Dwarf underground stadium at Barak-Varr (the upkeep for which is paid, at huge expense and much to the Dwarfs' delight, by the Colleges of Magic). The location of the Chaos Cup tournament changes from year to year, and it is rare for anyone to know where it will be held until a week or two before the event starts! Not surprisingly this can make it very difficult for teams to attend the Chaos Cup, because if they are not in the right general vicinity when the tournament is announced then it may be impossible for them to get there in time to take part!


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