Blood Bowl Legendary Edition Wiki


What are stubs?[]

Stubs are short articles that require additional work to make them complete.

Some Reasons for a Stub Tag[]

  1. Lack of content in an article.
  2. Images relevant to the article are not available at the time of creation.
  3. References for the article's content are not included.

How Do You Find Stubs?[]

To find stub articles simply click on the Category:Blood Bowl stubs link in the category bar below to find a list of incomplete articles of flesh out.

How Do You Fix Stubs?[]

Simply choose a stub to fix on the main category page and edit the page. Save the changes and make a note on the reason for your changes in the box on the edit page.


This page is not where you post your stub information. It is for instructions on what, why, and how to find and fix stubs. All changes should be integrated into the stub article. Any page content posted here will be deleted.